Our Services

  • Vintage radio and hifi repairs
  • Media transcription services
  • Vinyl record cleaning
  • PAT testing and advice (especially vintage equipment)
  • Friendly advice regarding analogue equipment

  • Latest Repair

    An interesting home built 3 valve radio from the late 20's/early 30's. I still can't get my head round that's nearly 100 years ago. Uses the amazingly titled Igranic "What are the wild waves saying" basket weave coils as LW/MW switchable TRF front end and the centre one as the regeneration "tickler". Just needed a few tweaks and a new power supply to remove the battery requirement. It actually still has a wireless licence from the 30's stuck inside the lid.

    Previous repair

    EAR "Autobat" Pack-a Gram battery radiogram. That really rolls of the tongue! Loads of faults including the dreaded AF117 whiskers. I'd hardly call it hi-fi but interesting none the less.

    A fun little widget that monitors energy use in the UK